Summer 2013 Updates

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Hi All Finally summer is here. Roll on those balmy summer days so we can get back to enjoying our sport.  Our new membership for the 2013 – 2014 season is now due.  The official key swap will take place at the lake Sunday 20th October between 12noon – 4.30pm Weather permitting.  The old key will be removed from the gate at 4.30pm.  If you want to still gain access to the lake after this time you will need to renew your membership. If it is raining we will reschedule the key swap at round one of the Racing season. Remember if you are not rejoining, return your old key for your bond refund.  
Club AGM
On the 2nd July the CJSC held its annual General Meeting.  The ongoing daily matters of the club were discussed and generally members who attended were pleased with the clubs financial position.  Discussions re the planned club rooms were debated and this project has been kick started again. 
Key positions were voted in and we welcomed in some fresh faces to the committee.  We are excited to work together promoting the club and its facilities and continue to hold quality race and social events.
If you have any ideas you would like to see implemented at the lake area please let us know.  
Club Day- Key Swap
When;              Sunday 20th October
Where;            Lake Roto Kohatu
Time;               11am – 4.30pm
Some long serving club members (and I mean LONG SERVING!!!) may remember our club day events.  These were designed as a social... bit of fun... meet other members... type of days.  We stopped these many years ago due to lack of support but have decided to retry these club days again.  The day is planned as follows;
11am Lake clean, come and give us a hand to tidy up the surrounding parking/lake area
12.30pm BBQ lunch
1.30 – 4.30pm social fun style events including some very social style racing
Key swap 12 noon – 4.30pm weather permitting  
Canterbury Riders head to the World Finals
Canterbury club members Trent Brown, Marshall Brown, Darrell Dermott, Jason Donnithorne, Mark Bainbridge and Tayne Lemon (ex AUCK) are currently competing at the world Jet Ski finals in Lake Havasu, Arizona, USA.  The event takes place 5th – 13th October 2013 and attracts riders from over 34 counties.  I’m sure you will join us wishing them all the best... you can log onto the live feed via 11th-13th oct for the premier classes (nb time difference approx -19 hours).
Lake Brunner Poker Run
The Lake Brunner poker run was a great weekend.  We had over 30 entries and surprise entries from the Green Martian, Batman, captain America and superman amongst others.  Competitors had to navigate the lake... collect sealed envelopes containing a single card and return 5 envelopes numbered form each collection point back to race organisers.  We then opened each poker hand and recorded each competitor’s results. 
As a surprise mixer, event co-ordinator Brad Clarke then began the prize giving ceremony by auctioning off key cards to add to competitor’s unknown hands.  Desperate competitors fought over Aces, kings and queens... some forking out decent amounts that did not change their overall result!!!
Congrats to Grant Wilson AKA superman who took home 1st place with a ‘straight’ winning the seadoo floating bar... soon to be seen moored in the viaduct.
Special thanks to the CJSC committee, Mike Phillips Watercraft and the Lake Brunner Hotel/Pub for their support.
Another Brunner poker run is being discussed now.  We will advise dates soon.
Summer Tour Race Dates; The summer tour planning is well underway.  Racing classes and formats will remain largely unchanged and most will be please to see that fees remain the same.
Tour Dates are;
Round 1               3rd November 2013         Lake Roto Kohatu
Round 2               24th November 2013       Lake Roto Kohatu
Round 3               26th January 2014           Lake Roto Kohatu
Round 4               16th February 2014         Lake Roto Kohatu
South Island Champs
15th – 16th February 2014                               Lake Roto Kohatu
Please note the Lake will be closed for recreational skiing on these dates.
Nationals are propsed for either 1st or second weekend in March... TBC.
Melanoma Ski Challenge March 2014
Six days... 600 kilometres on a personal watercraft. Are you ready for the challenge?
“The 2014 Yamaha Melanoma Foundation Ski-nZ will be an adrenalin packed adventure on personal watercraft, travelling via some of the most amazing coastline and scenery that the top of the South Island has to offer.”
Following the successful 2013 north island event Jeremey Burfoot is once again setting up another amazing challenge that will take in great sights and raising funds to help the Melanoma Foundation.  If you would like to know how to be a part of this amazing event follow this link
  Rubbish at the Lake
Until now the CJSC has asked all members to take rubbish away with them.  We are currently applying to the CCC for council bins to be installed.  We will report back when we have more information.  Until then PLEASE bring a bag out and TAKE YOUR RUBBISH HOME.  A clean lake area will benefit us all.
Your gate key unlocks the BBQ area.  Bring a gas bottle out with you and enjoy a BBQ while you utilize the lake area.
Dogs are only permitted in the CJSC flat car parking area ‘on a leash’.  If you take your pooch out to the lake please insure it is kept on a leash at all times and pick up your dogs waste. It can be quite frightening for small children when dogs are racing around the area.  Dogs should be kept out of the lake for safety purposes.  
Lake Rules
There seems to be many club members flaunting the CJSC rules and regulations.  We have listed below the most common broken rules as a reminder... the “I didn’t know” excuse will not be accepted as everyone has a copy of the rules on the reverse of their membership form copy.  The lake is leased to the CJSC from the Christchurch City Council and breaches of the official rules could result in the facility being taken from us.  The rules are there for everyone’s safety, follow them or lose your membership.

  • When entering and leaving the lake, ALWAYS lock the gate and use the official road (not via driving up over the grassed hill).  If you find the gate unlocked and it is not an official race day please lock it immediately and inform a committee member.
  • ALWAYS wear a PFD (life Jacket) and helmet when riding on the lake.
  • NEVER refuel while your ski is in the water.  Pull your trailer clear of the waters edge.
  • NEVER tow any objects of any kind (the lake area is too small).  This includes (but is not limited to) water skis, wake boards, biscuits, small inflatable’s.
  • ONLY PWC’s to be used on the lake.  No boats or other water craft.
  • Children under the age of 15 are NOT permitted to operate a PWC on their own.  This is a NZ Maritime law.
  • You are welcome to take friends out to share your PWC BUT are not permitted to let friends in with their own PWC’s.  Memberships are limited to the person who is listed on the form. When meeting friends at the lake, arrange to meet them at the gate or ask them to park in the council area at the top of the hill.  DO NOT leave the gate open for them. Make them aware of all the regulations before they ride your PWC.
  • Sharing Keys is not permitted.

Web site
Check us out on
Grant Wilson hosts a great face book site with informative and interesting posts and up to date info.  Check out ‘nzjetski’ on facebook.
Committee Contacts
President                     Lisa Dermott               0274 318 419
Vice Presidents           Glen Chisholm             021 777212
                                    Ron Williams               021 323 028
Treasurer/Secretary   Hamish Newman        027 305 1530      
Committee                  Brad Clarke
                                    Kris Mackie
                                    Nick Magill
                                    Dan Smith
                                    Stuart Mackay
                                    Bruce Wright
                                    Callum Wright
                                    Simon Wheeler
                                    Nick Mantell


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