Around the Lake October 2017

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It has been a wet winter and spring has had a lot of rain as well.  This has resulted in the Lake level being higher than we have seen it for sometime.  With the warmer days coming we are getting geared up for some more fantastic Summer Series racing.  If your out using the lake in the coming months remember keep it safe and respect each other while out on the lake and most of all have fun.



Road and Carpark

Many of you will be aware that the club access road and car park are in a very bad state.  With the council upgrade of the Roto Kohatu Reserve entrance going on we have had a 2nd gate added next to ours to allow the other clubs access through to their respective areas.  Unfortunately this of course has resulted in a lot of traffic on our access road that has caused a lot of damage and potholes.  This will all be reinstated by the council at the completion of work to the reserve entrance.  The CJSC committee apologizes to our members for this inconvenience but the end result once done should be fantastic so please bear with us through this period.



1050cc and Under 4 Stroke Class

With the new racing season upon us its time for all the people with Seadoo Spark’s and Yamaha EX’s to have a chance to get into jetski racing by coming out on your stock skis and racing against like minded enthusiasts.  This new class is designed to allow people a much cheaper entry level class to get out on their ski and give it a try.  It will be a great class with tight racing so get your gear together and we will see you on Sunday 29th October for the 1st Round of the South Island Summer Series.



Open Class

With the racing season kicking off on Sunday 29th October it is time for all our racers to get ready and get all your licences for the season sorted.  NZJSBA have introduced a new system for Open class which has a structure as to how you can advance from starting out in Jet ski racing to Racing an Open class ski.  With this new structure you need to apply for an Open class licence which will be approved by NZJSBA for each rider.  Without this licence you will not be able to race on any Open Class Ski.  Please download and apply for you NZJSBA licence and open class licence using the 2 forms available on our website under the Entry Forms pages here



Junior Development

With Junior Development running along nicely NZJSBA have now had time to write and release the rules and regulations around the Junior Development program including a flow chart as to how you advance through the program.  All current Junior Development participants should read and understand how they will progress through this program and for any parents want to get their child into jet ski racing you can read through the program also.  Please see the Documents on our website HERE.




With the 2017/18 South Island Summer Series upon us we must again ask for volunteers who are able to help out on the race days with any jobs required.  This could be ski marshalling, lap scoring or any number of other things.  Please contact CJSC through or on the race day come and see the organizers and offer your assistance.  Without these volunteers we would not be able to hold racing as we do.