Around the Lake October 2016

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With the weather warming up significantly and the rain passing through regularly the Christchurch landscape is greening up nicely. With this increase in temperature it could only mean one thing, the South Island Summer Series is about to kick off. We have a very full Summer Series of racing with 6 Rounds set and the 2nd Round being a Surf round at New Brighton. We hope you've all been enjoying the lake and just a reminder that a lot of you will be receiving your renewal emails as you approach your yearly membership end date.



Lake Clean Up

With the race season about to kick into high gear we have organised a Lake Clean Up this Sunday 30th October from 10am to get all the marker buoys back in place and to tidy up the surrounding lake area.

As with this kind of activity the more hands and feet available the quicker it happens. If you are available to help please head on down to the lake at this time and pitch in. It is also a great time to meet some of your fellow competitors and the CJSC committee members.



PayPal Payment System

As some of you will already be aware we now have PayPal as an option for renewing or purchasing a new membership. This system speeds up the payment process by being an instant payment to the club. This means it is a lot easier for us to get keys out or dates adjusted for renewals as we don't need to wait for a payment confirmation.



New Navigation Bylaw

As of the 10th October 2016, the new Navigation Safety Bylaw 2016 came into force, this applies to the Canterbury region, with the new bylaw there has been a change that will affect you as a watercraft owner.

If you are a member of a club ie Rowing NZ, JBNZ, etc etc, refer to 20 (2) (ii) .

If you have a sail boat over 6 metres or any boat that is powered you will now be required to have an identifying number displayed above the waterline on each side of the vessel, the identifying number must be at least 90 millimetres high and distinguishable to the naked eye by day from a distance of 50 metres.

The identifying number may be one of the following that conforms to:

Maritime NZ or an equivalent foreign authority registered name or number.
A sporting body as may be approved from time to time and listed on the council’s website. If you are a sporting body and wish to be included under this part of the bylaw, contact us at the harbourmasters office for more information.
The vessels radio call sign.
Any trailer borne vessels (powerboats, jet skis etc) without a registration or identification number outlined above, the registration number of the trailer is required.

The exemptions to this rule are non -powered vessels six metres or less in length, paddle craft, vessels powered solely by oars, and any vessel from another region that is temporarily being operated and meets the Navigation Safety Bylaw requirements for identification of the region the vessel normally operates. Either way the all vessels must carry identification marks or, If you are a vessel that is exempt under the bylaw, you must have your name and contact details somewhere on the vessel.

Failure to comply with the requirement under the bylaw, could ultimately result in a fine, although we will be out there getting compliance through education first.

The information above is a summary of the Bylaw, to read the full bylaw go to…/…/rec-boating.aspx

20 Vessels to be identified
(1) No person shall navigate a vessel unless it displays an identifying name or number
displayed above the waterline on each side of the vessel by the owner of the vessel:
(a) consisting of letters of the Roman alphabet or numbers that are not the vessel’s
(b) brand, make or model; and
(c) that is distinct to that vessel; and
(d) unless complying with the requirements of an organisation listed in subclause
(2)(a), be a minimum height of 90 millimetres and be distinguishable to the naked
eye by day from a distance of at least 50 metres.
(2) The identifying name or number referred to in subclause (1) shall be:
(a) a registration or identification approved by and conforming to the requirements of:
(i) Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) or an equivalent foreign authority (eg. a MNZ
number or vessel’s registered name); or
(ii) a sporting body as may be approved from time to time by the Harbourmaster
and listed on the Council’s website; or
(b) the vessel’s radio call sign; or
(c) for any trailer borne vessel without a registration or identification listed in
subclauses (2)(a) or (b), the registration number of its trailer; or
(d) for non-trailer borne vessels not exempted by subclause (3), shall be an identifying
name or number otherwise complying with the requirements of subclause (1).
Explanatory note: For the sake of clarity, “trailer borne vessel” refers to a vessel transported on a road-going
trailer that is, or is required to be, registered. It does not include vessels stored on/launched from haul-out
trailers – such vessels fall into the “non-trailer borne vessel” category.
(3) Subject to subclause (4), subclauses (1) and (2) do not apply to:
(a) non-powered vessels of six metres or less in length;
(b) paddle craft;
(c) vessels powered solely by oars;
(d) a vessel which is temporarily being operated on Canterbury waters and which
displays markings which meet an identification requirement within the Navigation
Safety Bylaws of the region in which the vessel normally operates.
(4) Vessels referred to in subclause (3) must be marked with the current owner’s name and
contact details somewhere on the vessel.…/…/Pages/rec-boating.aspx