Around the Lake November 2016

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A big thanks goes out to all the committee members and lake members who turned up and helped last Sunday to get the Lake looking tidy before the start of the SISS racing this Sunday 6th November.  Also special mentions to Cole from Base Construction for sorting out the eroded start line area, and Hayden from ICE Excavation for maintaining the access road to our lake.  Without members putting in the effort like this we wouldn't have the great facility that we do have.


Slow Zone

During the Lake Clean up on Sunday CJSC have also implemented a new 5 Knot Slow Zone that is the length of the car park and far enough out for users to get on and off of their trailers in a safe manner.  With the large membership that we know have and summer on the way this is the best solution to make it safer for everyone. The Slow Zone is 1 way only and you are to be at idle or no more than 5 knots while transiting in this area.  It has a large red buoy are either end connected by approx 30 white sausage buoys.  Please enter and exit the slow zone from a straight approach and DO NOT cross the white buoy line.  Please do not goes past the entry and then do a U-turn to head back if you miss it do another lap and come in from a straight approach. The online course map has been updated to show how you should be using this Slow Zone, check it out here.


SISS Racing

With round 1 this coming Sunday 6th Nov it is time to get ready for the 2016/17 season of racing.  To try and speed things up in the morning we are trialing a new registration and scruitineering approach. The Entry, Indemnity, and NZJSBA forms are going to be available for download from here, and you will be required to download, print and fill out the forms prior to race day.  Please remember to bring these forms with you to the racing as they are required.  Upon entry to the lake were the road meets the car park everyone will be stopped to go through final registration and scruitineering.  When you reach the front of the line, you will need to pay your fees for racing handover your signed and filled out forms and have your ski and gear scruitineered.  Once this is completed you will be released into the car park so you can prep your skis and gear up ready for riders brief and racing. The scruitineering and registration will be carried out from 8.30am - 9.15am, if you arrive late do not expect to be allowed to race that day, this will be at the discretion of the race director or nominated person. We have also dropped the last round of the proposed SISS so there are now only 5 rounds, check out the website for the summer racing schedule. If any of you have friends or family who would be happy to help with marshaling etc on the day please bring them along as we always require extra helpers throughout the day. Look forward to seeing you all there, CJSC