Around the Lake May 2017

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Canterbury Jet Sports Club AGM 2017

Gidday everyone, the weather has been suprisingly good since all the summer racing wrapped up this year, it has made for some great days down at the lake and out on the water around Canterbury.

It has however come to that time of year again and CJSC invites all members who wish to attend the AGM to come along on Tuesday 16th May at Rosebank Estate Winery (Johns Road) meeting commencing at 630pm doors open from 530pm.  The purpose of the meeting is to vote in the 2016/17 committee which will consist of 8 members.  Voting is open to all CJSC financial members.

The current 2016/17 committee is as follows: 
President - Glenn Chisholm
Vice President - Simon Wheeler
Treasurer/Secretary - Hamish Newman
Media - Chris Dahlberg
- David Price
- Mark Milligan

Being part of the committee is an unpaid role which entails being able to attend monthly meetings during the main season and 2-3 monthly meetings in the off season.  As a committee member you may also be tasked with carrying out jobs that have been delegated to you from a meeting, this could be anything from a lake cleanup to getting quotes for an alteration or improvement at the lake.

From time to time CJSC will create sub-committees which can be made up of other members to look after specific projects.  These sub-committees will have a Lead member who will be required to report back and possibly attend normal committee meetings if deemed necessary.

NOTE: All nominations are required to be received by email prior to 15th May 2017.  Please email your nominations to with the subject AGM Nomination and the name of nominee and position they are nominated for along with any relevant info you think is necessary.

If you are planning on attending the AGM please jump on the Facebook page and go to the AGM event at add yourself as going so we have an idea of numbers.

Thank you and see you there,