Around the Lake January 2017

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We hope you've enjoyed your holidays it has been some interesting weather the last couple of months and when it has been nice the lake has been very busy.

REMINDER: On Wednesday's from 4-5:30pm and Sunday's from 10am-12 a standing lake closure applies for the Junior Development class to have training sessions. This applies every wed/sun.

We have some important information in the following parts of this newsletter so check out the parts you need to know.


SISS Round 3
Round 3 of the SISS is this Sunday 29th January, as per normal the lake will be closed to normal use between 8am and 3:30-4pm depending on how the day goes. If you are looking for something to do come and check out the racing on Sunday.

We require some help on the day so anyone who can do some marshaling for all or part of the day please come and see us in the morning or email CJSC ( and let us know you will help out.

A reminder for all competitors that pre-race registration is from 8:30-9:15am, if you aren't here by then don't expect that we will let you register for racing even if racing hasn't begun.

Otherwise we are looking forward to some good weather and seeing you all there for some great racing.


5 Knot Slow Zone
Late last year we installed the string line of buoys across the parking area. This is a reminder that it is a idle zone for runabouts and as slow as possible for stand-ups/blasters that aren't as stable, this is to lower the amount of wake that moves peoples skis about on their trailers and to make it safer for people launching and retrieving their skis.

Another point to reaffirm is that when you are finishing a lap and coming into the slow zone you should be coming as a straight line from the merge buoys making sure not to cut anyone off around you as you make your way across the normal racing line to enter the slow zone. The same applies to leaving the zone and joining the track, please head out from the zone in a straight line and join at the next buoy nearer the rear straight. We don't want people entering or exiting by turning in or out at 90 degrees to the slow zone end buoys.

If you have any queries about the course or the slow zone please contact us for clarification.


Lake Closure 8th Feb
On Wednesday 8 February the lake will be closed to normal use between 4:30 and 6pm to allow Parafed use of the lake with the Families that they work with. This is another group that we work with and from a safety perspective we have decided it is best they have sole use of the lake for the time they require.